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April 17, 2010

How to give child's name

April 17, 2010
Tip 1

Hear the beautiful and harmonious. Pick a name that sounds beautiful when spoken and harmony with your family name, if you use the family name behind the name that will be your choice.

Tip 2

Unique, Choosing a unique name still ok as long as it remains beautiful to hear, harmonious and easy to pronounce. Unique does not mean a name that sounds strange or difficult to say

Tip 3

Positive meaning in life. Choosing a name that has meaning and positive meaning to life, this one is important, do not give a name that contains bad meaning and significance. Remember this name will be carried forever by your child.

Tip 4

The nickname is an easy, choose a name that is easy to take a short or day-to-day calls.

Tip 5

The pronunciation is easy. Pick a name that is easy to pronounce.

Tip 6

Choosing names for boys and girls, consider choosing a name that indicates a clear gender.

Tip 7

Spend a little time to think and be creative, certainly does not hurt when it comes to name would you give to your baby.

Tip 8

Involve the family when choosing a baby name. Give a name that can be accepted by the people around you.

9 Tips

Choosing a baby name is a wonderful process for you and your partner. Do not omit such happiness just because you and your partner disagree about what a good name for the baby. Make a list of names and choose one of them.

Tip 10

Choose a name that has a specific meaning or to give a special meaning for you and your partner. You may select the name of the person you care about, mythological characters, or even an icon of history. Or even the name on your baby a physical attribute like eye color or hair.

Tip 11

Consider and note the last name of your baby. When you find the right name for your baby, it should always consider your baby's last name as well.

Tip 12

Do not give names that are too long or too short. Child's first name is too long to bring the imbalance with a short end, and vice versa.

Tip 13

You must remember that the name you give to your baby will be assumed in a lifetime. Avoid giving the names that sounded wonderful but later when your adult child's name sounds funny to those around him.

Tip 14

Think twice before giving a name you think is cool, but the people around you call it strange. Research says that children who have unusual names, more often the subject of a jest peers and often socially excluded.

Tip 15

If the initial letter your baby's last name begins with a consonant heavy, we recommend you choose your baby's first name ending in vowels.

Tip 16

Many parents give their baby a name with the name of one of his relatives, or even a religious figure, a hero, or his favorite sports figures. If the name does not fit into your baby's first name, maybe you can make a baby's middle name.

Tip 17

Typically, children ages 10 - 12 years often teased name sepermainannya friends. So you may have heard the opinions of children that age about your baby's name. Sometimes children can be a source of inspiration, you know ...

Tip 18

Combine your name and your partner to name the baby.

19 Tips

If the baby's name for the candidates already selected, try whispering the name slowly, and then shout the name out loud. How do these names sound in the ears? Does the name fit with the middle name or last name. This was done to determine whether the name is appropriate for your baby's future or not.

Tip 20

Some parents really liked the names that are modern, even with a difficult spelling. Unfortunately, it is not always good for the child later. Surely you do not want to correct the spelling every time people around you either call or mention of the child, right?

Tip 21

In addition to thinking about the meaning of the name, also a combination of first name, middle or back of a match, do not forget the initials of the name of the child.

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